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Tips to Decorate Your Italian Marble Fireplace Mantel

Houses that have fireplaces tend to be warm and cozy all year long. The one thing that most people tend to neglect is the fireplace mantel. This is one part of the fireplace that will show your personality and taste. A fireplace is a focal point of any room hence needs to be kept cool. There are few tips that you need to adopt in order to make this place appealing. Adding photos is one great way through which you can improve the looks of your fireplace mantel. Apart from the marble mosaic, adding pictures that are in complimenting frames will make the whole place appear elegant.

italian marble fireplace mantel

The frames of the pictures you are going to place on the mantel can be made in form of oval marble medallion(s). This will compliment the looks of this area. You can opt to place one big family picture or small pictures of each family member. An anniversary clock is another classic piece of accessory that you can place on this space. You should be keen to choose a color that matches with your marble floor or marble carpet. A stylish and elegant watch will catch the eyes of the visitors. Consider investing in a clock that is made from natural stones.

You can upgrade the looks of your fireplace mantel by making use of vacation souvenirs. You may have bought some good souvenirs when you were on holiday. When you place such an accessory on the mantel, it will be easily noticed acting as a conversation starter. Other people have opted for the use of collectibles as a way of upgrading the looks of their fireplace. Some of the common collectibles that you can make use of are dolls, teacups and other small accessories. They will make the whole place appealing.

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