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Crown limestone Fireplace Surround – A Piece with Character and Style for Your Custom Built Home

How important is the limestone fireplace surround in your luxury home? Truthfully speaking everything else in the house is a side show – some kind of a curtain raiser. The fireplace surround is the real deal. So you need to invest in a fireplace surround that gives your custom built home a spectacular outlook.

The fireplace surround is definitely your hidden card, a card that you won’t be playing openly. This is going to be the ultimate piece that delivers the killer punch! Anyone who steps into your custom built home’s luxurious space will be awed by the finesse of the home. Everything will be made possible by the fireplace surround.

But could there be a fireplace surround that is better than all the others in the market? If so, which one is it? As of now the answer is yes. This means that some surrounds will prevail over others. One of the most outstanding, beautifully designed fireplace surrounds is in the form of the Crown Fireplace surround.limestone fireplace mantel

The fireplace surround features some unique characteristics which set it apart from all the other surrounds. The Crown as is popularly referred to is rich in detail. The surround is hand carved by professional artisans. The piece is carved from Burgundy’s limestone – natural stone with a clear white patina. The Crown offers traditional styling with a touch of contemporary design.

The crown is naturally durable and it will age gracefully in your dream home. You can use this elegantly designed piece as a surround only or with an added crown. Adding a crown to the surround creates a more spectacular finish. The Crown comes in two. The smaller Crown Fireplace Surround which measures 60.5 inches and the larger one which is 73 inches, measured from the outside edge of the top mantel.

The fireplace marries the visual weight of natural stone with world old charm to the sleek lines and details of contemporary fireplaces. The marrying of the two provides you with the best option to transforming an ordinary fireplace into a stunning centerpiece. It is a truly one of a kind masterpiece with the effect of delivering a unique focal point for your home.

With a beautiful piece in the form of the Crown Fireplace Surround you can order your pop corn, sit back and enjoy the great atmosphere which fills your space. Apart from the two default sizes you can have the fireplace surround customized for your home. To learn more about the Crown Fireplace Surround visit Marvelous Marble Design Inc.


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Tips On How To Tastefully Decorate Your Custom limestone Fireplace Mantels in Horseshoe Bay, Texas

Although many homes with fireplaces normally have mantels, you might need custom limestone fireplace mantels that would accentuate your requirements best. For clients with a desire to buy classy units such as French limestone mantel in custom built mansion for Long Island residents, due diligence is essential in order to be able to choose the finest option. The following tips will help in making your research work simpler.

Italian Design limestone Fireplace Mantels

Firstly, your custom fireplace mantel in 20ft ceiling high in Huston Texas should fit snugly in the space you have. If you cannot find the right measurements among the pre-constructed options, the tailor-made options would then be suitable for you. Look for an experienced handyman to take the measurements for you.

Secondly, look for French rococo mantel design that would complement your current décor. There are plenty of options to choose from ranging from the traditional mantel design to the modern styles that can accentuate the personal tastes of everyone.

Your preferred style should accentuate the room in terms of color and décor used. In addition, the position at which the mantel would be located is important to help you in choosing the design you will choose. If you are planning to mount your unit in the center of a room where it will have limited decorations, the modern limestone fireplace mantels design would be appropriate since it comes with a lot of embellishments that can help to spice up the tastes of a room with limited effort.

Lastly, look at the versatility of the California mantel you are planning to use. If possible, go for the options that are made using material that can be adjusted o fit in the area where it would be mounted. Once more, you might require hiring the services of a professional if you re no experienced in the installation work.

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Strategies to Assist With Choosing French Fireplace Mantel Design in New York, New York

There are numerous factors considered when you are choosing large French fireplace mantel design in European mansions regardless whether your house is located in Chicago, Texas, Houston, etc. Basically, your present home décor plays an essential role in determining the French Louis fireplace mantel design in dining room chosen.

french fireplace mantel design

The limestone mantel with over mantel is considered as part of the beautification features of a home. This means that it should accentuate the floor, furniture and entire interior decoration of a place.

The cost of the unit should be within your budget. There are fireplaces that might cost a few hundred dollars, while others might go for more than a thousand dollars. Establishing your budget would be crucial to help you in determining a structure that would be best suited for you.

It would be absurd to go for a large fireplace mantel design in European mansions if you have a small house. Before you choose a fireplace, it would be essential to take measurements of the available space to avoid purchasing a unit that would overwhelm the room. On the other hand, this would prevent one from choosing a fireplace mantel that would be overwhelmed by the space in your house.

The level of complexity involved in the installation process is another important consideration. There are some mantels that come in disintegrated pieces that can be mounted using simple steps, but there are others that may require complex skills to install them. Consider looking for companies that offer free perks such as free installation if you are buying the modern fireplace mantel designs that can be challenging to mount without advanced skills.

Lastly, go for traders with attractive discounts such as free transportation and long term warranty. The leading outlets also offer fireplace mantels backed by 100% customer guarantee. This ensures that clients get real value for their money.

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How To Beautify Your Custom Fireplace Mantel in Huston, Texas

Fireplace commands attention in each and every room. By use of custom fireplace mantel in 20ft ceiling high in Huston Texas you can turn the fireplace in your home in to focal point that is stylish at very affordable cost. This applies to the residents of other cities such as San Francisco, San Diego, Palm Beach, Vancouver and Bel Air.  The designers and experts in this area offer many tips, tricks and advise on how to decorate your fire place by use of polished marble fireplace mantel.

custom fireplace mantel

You should browse through the ideas of creative displays of mantels.  These will enable you together the ideas and inspiration that you need so that you can transform your fireplace in to place that is filled with personality and style. For modern fireplace mantel design you should browse the hearth style guide so that you can learn how it is easy to get tips on how you can give your old and tired Indiana limestone fireplace mantel a beautiful and trendy new lease of life.


You can also use the handy tool for arranging of room for dragging and dropping walls, windows, furniture and even more so that you can determine the plan of floor which can show case the stylish new décor of mantel and fireplace in the best way. To get the latest information about custom limestone fireplace mantel you should sign up at the websites that deal with the selling of the fireplace mantel design materials as well as the best decorating ideas as and when you need them.  If you are one of those in the market for purpose of complete makeover of fire place or simple update of style, expert ideas on how you can decorate the fireplace are very important in turning your wishes and dreams of having gothic fireplace in to reality.

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Variety of Styles And Stone to Choose From For Your Fireplace Mantel in San Diego, California

Each time you are choosing Spanish emperador light or dark fireplace mantel; you should understand that the mantelpiece becomes the center of the room. This means that it even influences the decorations you are going to choose.

fireplace mantel

You should also not forget that your fireplace does come with a functional purpose that should not be overlooked. There are many Los Angeles French Louis fireplace mantel design in a dining room that can suit the specific requirements of almost every customer. The following are some tips that should guide you when looking for appropriate high ceiling great room mantels with over mantel unit.

The wooden shelves are among the renowned modern fireplace mantel design that can be used in all kinds of houses. The unit can either be used like an extension of a current fireplace mantel, or it may also come like a section of a complete mantel. Since it is easy to find the units in a wide range of finishes and colors, these structures can accentuate every kind of look. There are also scores of styles and sizes to suit distinct clients such as large fireplace mantel design in European mansions.

It is imperative for clients to understand that it is practically impossible to construct a fireplace using wood since it is flammable. However, it is commonly used in construction of mantel shelves. Before you invest your hard-earned cash in these structures, ensure to check the safety regulations required in different US states such as Houston, Texas, Dallas, etc.

To accentuate the elegance of your antique marble fireplace mantel in Manhattan New York, integrate a smartly designed shelf on your unit.

You may also decide to choose stone mantel shelves that are available in diverse options, including granite, limestone and marble. The units are uniquely designed such that they can give a modern or antique fashion statement.

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Beautify your House by Installing a Custom Designed Indiana Limestone Fireplace Mantel

A simple exercise such as beautifying the house can be accomplished by painting the Indiana limestone fireplace mantel. Moreover, this is an activity that does not require the input or services of a top notch technician because it can be done by the homeowner. It is a bit difficult to find one place in the house where interior designs feel their creative juices running much better than at fireplace mantels.

 indiana limestone fireplace mantel

Decorating fireplace mantel can be done so tastefully that it takes its place as the focal point of the entire room. Moreover, with limestone flooring this task can be done in varied ways but with a lot of creativity once again. Most designers in cities such as New York, Chicago and Los Angeles have been unafraid to work out their ideas on the fireplace mantels and produce some amazing results thereafter.

For this exercise to be a success, it requires the designer to understand what the theme of the room is. This is the same requirement for any person wishing to install limestone mantel with TV on top, or even cast limestone fireplace mantel. The ideas used in this part of the room or house, must be similar to the rest of the space in addition to providing the perfect complimentary attributes.

However, for the fireplace mantel to have a pivotal role in the house, it needs the addition of an extra object on top of it. Most interior designers prefer that a mirror, or vase, or painting be added on top of the mantel to in order to make it more conspicuous. If your German limestone fireplace mantel is made of hearth, you need to look for creative ways of dressing it appropriately.

Whichever unique design of limestone mantel you choose to use in your house, the key is to make sure that it matches perfectly with the colors in the room.

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Tips on How To Keep Your Custom Designed Limestone Fireplace Mantel Clean in San Fransico, California

When limestone fireplace mantel is stained and it is in the kitchen, chances of this spoiling the outlook of the room are quite high. However, with a few precautionary measures, you can work on this surface in the kitchen without staining it. Moreover, there are tools that can be used to ensure that the lime stone kitchen remains in the best condition and provides a lot of warmth and attractiveness.

 limestone fireplace mantel

Limestone surfaces require a lot of care whenever they are being used for whatever purpose in the house. When they get dirty, it might be tempting to pick up any cleaning tool or detergent near to you and embark on removing all the filth. When you embark on this activity, it is advisable that you don’t do it regardless of any thought on how to keep it well maintained whether you are Vancouver or Miami.

Wood and charcoal should never be used anywhere near limestone fireplace mantel in Rhode Island mansions, if that is where you reside. The reason behind this is that wood and charcoal have a habit of producing debris which can harm the surface made of limestone. Some homeowners have a habit of placing flower vases on top of their Indiana limestone fireplace mantel disregarding the harm it causes.

If you discover that your Custom limestone fireplace mantel is stained, there is no reason to panic and use harmful products in an effort to make the surface clean. Poultice can be used for this purpose as long as you are sure that it can’t react with the limestone surface you are cleaning. Secondly, try to get poultice that remains inert and is safe to use on these types of surfaces without staining or burning them.

The periodic application of limestone sealer treatment should be more than adequate in keeping stains away from the limestone fireplace mantel.

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Benefits of Installing a Uniquely Designed Limestone Mantel in Stamford, Connecticut

There are many reasons why a person should not be afraid of installing unique design of limestone mantel at home. Its porous, hygroscopic and sedimentary nature makes it the perfect tool to use in the house either to provide you with flooring, or fireplace mantel solutions. Whether you are an interior designer or landscaper, you are bound to find French limestone hood a perfect feature.

 limestone mantel

Limestone is a material that can be used to create beautiful houses either on the exterior or interior parts. Kitchens, bathrooms and entrances are just but a few of the areas of the house that can be given a huge lift by installing limestone fittings. It is for this reason that many homeowners in Vancouver, Miami and Palm Beach, among other cities, have been using these fittings in increasing numbers.

Limestone fireplace surround is made from a material that is both durable and quite strong. If you decide that you need French limestone floor you won’t be disappointed in any way. The presence of heavy traffic won’t mess up with it while if you choose to place huge loads on the floor, this will not destroy it. You only need to avoid dragging items on the floor to keep it from getting scratched.

Any house that is in need of a natural and elegant appearance would be best served through the installation of custom limestone fireplace mantel. You are bound to enjoy the new ambiance these fittings will create in your house. These mantels are available in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes all designed to help the house stay appealing by embracing features that make it natural and elegant.

Very few fittings can cause a house to appear both natural and elegant in equal measure better than limestone products. Limestone surfaces are bound to reduce the costs you incur on maintenance. This is because you can maintain their perfect conditions without incurring any expense.

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Natural Limestone Fireplace Mantel to Enhance Your Home

There are a number of ways through which you can decorate your fireplace. With the many decorative items available in the market, the natural stones have proved to offer a catchy look. If you have a fireplace in your home and you leave it neglected, with time it will look very ugly. The fireplace mantel is specifically meant for decoration. Mantels are made of different materials. If you want to decorate yours, you can choose from a wide variety of designs and styles available in the market.

natural limestone fireplace mantel

Marble designs are the most common decorative features that you can make use of to upgrade your fireplace. Marble is a precious and long lasting stone that has gained popularity all over the world. Marble mantels are elegant hence will give your home a neat appearance. If you pick the best color and design of marble inserts, your house will be on tops. They will boost the looks of the room and it will easily compliment the rest of the room’s decor. They should also match with the furniture you are using.

There are many dealers of marble medallions. In order to get value for your cash, it is good that you take your time and search for reputed stores. The advent in technology has made it possible for people to buy these accessories online. Getting high quality marble inlaid(s) will prove a challenging task. Some good research is needed. Making use of reviews will make the whole task easy. Reviews will help you know where and how to land on the best deal when it comes to marble tiles for your fireplace. Marble comes in a number of styles and designs from which you can select one that you think best suits your fireplace. High quality marble stones will give you the value of your cash.

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Tips to Decorate Your Italian Marble Fireplace Mantel

Houses that have fireplaces tend to be warm and cozy all year long. The one thing that most people tend to neglect is the fireplace mantel. This is one part of the fireplace that will show your personality and taste. A fireplace is a focal point of any room hence needs to be kept cool. There are few tips that you need to adopt in order to make this place appealing. Adding photos is one great way through which you can improve the looks of your fireplace mantel. Apart from the marble mosaic, adding pictures that are in complimenting frames will make the whole place appear elegant.

italian marble fireplace mantel

The frames of the pictures you are going to place on the mantel can be made in form of oval marble medallion(s). This will compliment the looks of this area. You can opt to place one big family picture or small pictures of each family member. An anniversary clock is another classic piece of accessory that you can place on this space. You should be keen to choose a color that matches with your marble floor or marble carpet. A stylish and elegant watch will catch the eyes of the visitors. Consider investing in a clock that is made from natural stones.

You can upgrade the looks of your fireplace mantel by making use of vacation souvenirs. You may have bought some good souvenirs when you were on holiday. When you place such an accessory on the mantel, it will be easily noticed acting as a conversation starter. Other people have opted for the use of collectibles as a way of upgrading the looks of their fireplace. Some of the common collectibles that you can make use of are dolls, teacups and other small accessories. They will make the whole place appealing.

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How to Choose The Best Fireplace Mantel Shelves

Back in the olden days, the wooden fireplace mantel shelves were common. A fireplace used to be a place where most cooking took place. This is what necessitated the putting up of shelves. As time passed, people came to realize that these shelves needed some form of decoration.  The aim of doing this was to give the fireplace mantel a vibrant design. If the fireplace is on your living room, you have reason why you should decorate it in the best way possible. Remember this is one place that every guest to your home will see.

 fireplace mantel shelves

The use of marble mosaic and marble inserts on the fireplace mantel. Marble is a natural yet durable material that can last for long. When you are in a hardware store to buy the shelves, you should know what you want. Your tastes and preferences should guide you. The price of decent shelves may scare you. This should not be a problem. It is not good to compromise on quality at the expense of cost. To make your fireplace mantel appear elegant, you need to make use of high quality shelves.

The kind of fireplace shelves you buy should match with marble carpet in your house. If you enhance your shelves with the marble mosaic, your house will look marvelous. Marble will last long as compared to wood. If you use marble or granite fittings to upgrade your fireplace shelves, the house will have comfort and an elegant appearance. Once you through with fitting these accessories, you can go ahead and ice the whole process with small pots of flowers. This will make the house more appealing. You can match the shelves with granite floor design to make the house a paradise. You will have a well designed house that will satisfy your needs.

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Handcrafted Fireplace Mantel in New York

If you are looking to have a fireplace mantel then you are well taken care. When you use the hand carved fireplace mantel, you should have a perfect one. This is the reason that this type of mantel is very popular especially to those home owners who want to build it themselves. When it comes to building a mantel for your fireplace, you can choose to either have it done by a professional or do it it on your own. It may be wise to do it yourself because of the fact that you will get to save a great deal. You are also sure of getting a mantel that you are surely going to love. In case you are not sure you have the talents, however, you need to seek the services of a professional.

handcrafted fireplace mantel

The fire placed can be built in many rooms of the house. You can opt to have one in the bedroom and in the living room as well. Marble mantel in bedroom will be just perfect. It will give your bedroom a whole new look. The warmth in the room will be unmatched as well as the elegance therein. Your bedroom is one of the most sacred places that you are always in especially when it is night time. This means that you are always in the room when it is not hot. If you are in a state that is very cold, you probably get to the room when it is freezing cold. This means that the fireplace mantel in the room will come in handy for you. You can ether have it in Tuscany travertine fireplace mantel design or you can opt for French rococo fireplace mantel design. Both will work best for your bedroom at any time. 

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Unique Styles For Fireplace Mantles

The fireplace mantle is a symbol of comfort. A universal fireplace mantel will add value to your home. In the past, fireplaces were mainly used for heating and cooking. They were built in varying width depending on their function and size of the room they were in. A mantel is what surrounds the opening that directs the smoke to the chimney. To make it appealing, you should adapt a decorative framework that should cover elaborate designs that should extend to the ceiling. A mantel is the most artistic and ornamental feature of a room it is in.

fireplace mantle

The modern fireplace mantels have become smaller. Its function has reduced to just decoration. The use of custom design marble medallion will ensure the place not only looks appealing but also gives you the comfort you need to enjoy the perks of your house. Fireplace mantel has been in use since day immemorial. In the modern days, they have been turned into elaborate and rich focal points of any home. The accessories you buy should take after the marble carpet you are using.

There are many marble inserts in the market and for you to get the best; you will have to do some search for the same. If you have a marble floor, you should know the color of marble fittings that will best match with the same. Marble is a very good looking natural stone that will retain the natural appearance of your house in a modernized way. Many people who have made use of this stone have got the most out of their investment. To enhance the grandeur of your interior space, you need to go for something unique. You can make use of the internet to check on the available designs so that you choose the best design and style.

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Wonderful Gothic Fireplace Mantel in California

The Gothic Design was an architectural element that captured the attention of artists in the renaissance period for quite some time and the impress of the design till today lives in the most important state structures such as the Westminster parliament. Yet touch with this historical design is not altogether lost and for people with the appeal for this design, Marvelous Marble Design Inc. is bringing the Design Home in the form of Gothic Design fireplace mantel. It is amazing that at a simple dial of the number 1-888-272-0630, a fine piece ofGothic Design fireplace mantel for your custom Décor living room will be arranged.

gothic fireplace mantel

This is an absolutely incredible offer for the residents in California who have affinity for the Gothic Designs. Having worked with Luxurious homes and Hotels in the New York City, Beverly hills, Florida, Los Angeles, California, Bel Air, Palm beach, and long Island among other places, the Marvelous Marble Design Inc. is providing superb designs of the Gothic fireplace mantel to California residents at a favorable cost. The client has a choice of the French Limestone, Two story limestones for marble fireplace mantel, Marble mantel with TV on top and many more. The outcome is a luxurious and unbelievably artistic villa.

The products provided by the Marvelous Marble Design Inc. are design by skilled craftsmen who are keen to capture the details in a design and to produce masterpieces that will resonate throughout the lifetime of the product in the form of amazement and surprise galore in the face of the visitors. This Company offers both hand carved and cast limestone mantel designs to reflect the client’s aspirations, lifestyle, taste and passions in a very personalized way.

The finishing of the Gothic Design mantels is also done in various ways to make the entire mantel a monument for perpetual admiration. There is for example the limestone fireplace surround and the Italian marble fireplace surround that will give your home the timeless flair and fashion touch. The Marvelous Marble act is now available to leave the stamp of perfection in the homes of those in California.

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Marble Mantel in Bedroom

Modern fireplace mantels are taking on new and exciting designs. They are unlike anything you have seen in the past and these are been witnessed in some of the high end areas such as New York, Manhattan, Beverly Hills and Bel Air. French limestone is used in the designing of these mantels. What is more, the limestone fireplace surround combines geometric forms with alluring and evolving materials to deliver modern mantels that are capable of taking your breath away.

marble mantel

The living room is one of most important rooms in any household and the Luxury family room fireplace mantel in Beverly Hills California is designed with one of the best hand carved limestone mantel in order to increase its appeal. Though there are different types of materials used in the designing of fireplace surround, the most logical choice would be limestone or marble which are known to deliver more benefits. This is because they are durable, can be formed to meet individual needs and they have the ability of increasing the aesthetic beauty of your home.

For instance, contrasting marble types can be used to create marble mantel with TV on top or limestone mantel and over mantel in high ceiling grate room. Italian marble fireplace surround is also seen as a perfect choice because it is designed using one of the highly preferred material and what is more, there are numerous styles to choose from such as the gothic design fireplace mantel and the French design mantel in French chateau. Known as one of the leading companies of these designs, Marvelous Marble Design Inc. seeks to deliver quality services to those in North America where the company is based and to people in regions with branches such as US and Canada. Anyone interested in using the services offered by the company should get more information by calling 1-888-272-0630.

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Limestone Mantel With Over Mantel

Limestone Mantel with over Mantel is a highly innovative mantel that helps you to achieve an exceptional look in your fireplace and living room at large. It is made of high quality stone and features the best craftsmanship to add an instant appeal to your home. It is durable, highly decorative and colorful. This helps to make your fireplace warm and sets a relaxing mood in the house. Marvelous Marble Design Inc. is a well reputed company and offers high quality mantels. You can always purchase large custom limestone fireplace mantel, two story limestone for marble fireplace mantel, Limestone mantel piece, Limestone fireplace surround, Gothic design fireplace mantel and Marble mantel with TV on top among other quality mantels for your home.

limestone mantel

Limestone Mantel and over mantel in high ceiling grate room, Italian marble fireplace surround and French design mantel in French chateau are also some of the best fireplace mantels that the company offers. They are custom made to create a unique environment in your home. They are also available in a wide range of beautiful designs, styles and colors therefore; you can always choose the best for your home depending on your existing décor as well as the environment you wish to create in the living room. More importantly, Marvelous Marble Design Inc. offers classic mantels that suit your lifestyle in New York, Manhattan, Beverly Hills, Long island, Florida, Palm Beach, bel air, California, Los Angeles, Toronto and Chicago. They are stylish, valuable and impressive in every aspect. You only need to get the best for your home and rest assured of enhanced décor in your home and added appeal in the house.

Marvelous Marble Design Inc. offers high quality mantels that come in different sizes to suit your fireplace. The mantels are highly affordable and enable you to get the best returns out of your investment. You can always call on 1-888-272-0630 to get quality mantels for your home. The company is highly operational and has branches in North America, Canada and US.

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Hand Carved Marble and Limestone Fireplace Mantels

If you want to add an instant appeal to your living room, it is imperative to get the best mantels. Hand carved fireplace mantel is one of the best mantel that will enable you to have an exceptional fireplace and create a breathtaking environment in your living room.  Each Custom décor living room mantel features creative work of art thus, making your fireplace more beautiful and impressive. Marvelous Marble Design Inc. is a well reputed company that offers the best Hand carved French limestone mantel, French limestone, Spanish cream marfil, large custom limestone fireplace mantel and two story limestone for marble fireplace mantel. These are high quality pieces that add an instant appeal to your fireplace.
 hand carved marble and limestone fireplace

Limestone mantel piece, Limestone fireplace surround and Gothic design fireplace mantel among other mantels are available in a wide range of styles, designs and colors. This is aimed at ensuring that homeowners in New York, Manhattan, Beverly Hills, Long island, Florida, Palm Beach, bel air, California, Los Angeles, Toronto and Chicago get the best mantels for their homes because the company serves clients in these areas among other parts of the globe. They are the best hand carved mantels and will truly personalize your home by creating the look and feel that you have always wanted to achieve.

You can always choose a creative piece of art that complements existing décor in your home. The mantel will accentuate and enhance beauty in your home making an ideal place to relax after a hectic day. The mantels define your personality because they are stylish and you have freedom to choose a piece that address your needs best. They set a great mood in your and adds an instant value to your house. Therefore, if you have been looking for great mantels, you can call Marvelous Marble Design Inc. at 1-888-272-0630. The company is highly operational and has branches in North America, Canada and US.

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Old Italian Limestone Mantel Piece

A properly designed Old Italian mantel piece can be a perfect fitting in your living room.  It will help you to add style and charm to your house. The good thing is that it comes in a wide range of designs that you can choose. At Marvelous Marble Design Inc. we always make sure that our customers enjoy high quality custom décor living room fittings. We have a wide collection of Old Italian mantel piece that come in different designs. For instance, you can have a hand carved French limestone mantel,   Spanish cream marfil, marble mantel with TV on top, and more.

old italian limestone mantel piece

With our Old Italian mantel piece, you will be able to keep your living room looking cosy and warm all the time.   We also assure our customers that this type of mantel is an ideal compliment to different types of interior décor. Therefore you should rest assured that our Italian marble fireplace surround will compliment your style and design making your room to appear more inviting. As a property owner, you should ensure that your houses keep up with the changing standards in the housing industry by installing our latest Italian mantel pieces.  Apart from the Old Italian mantel piece you will also find a wide array of other great fittings that are made of French limestone.  For instance, we can provide you with a high quality French design mantel in French chateau.

If you are looking to improve the standards of your family room in luxury house in Beverly Hills California, you should consider installing one of our Old Italian limestone mantels.  Our limestone Mantel and over mantel in high ceiling grate room will help you to give your family room a great facelift.  The other good thing about these pieces is that they are available at very reasonable prices. If you wish to contact Marvelous Marble Design Inc. call 1-888-272-0630.

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Antique Marble Fireplace Mantel

Antique Marble Mantel is an excellent way to add an instant appeal to your way. Gothic design fireplace mantel comes in a wide range of beautiful designs. Therefore, you have a wide selection from which to choose the best for your home. However, there are many companies that offer large custom limestone fireplace mantel. You must get the best mantels to dramatically enhance the look and feel of your home. Marvelous Marble Design Inc is a well reputed company with wealthy experience in the field. It offers quality products based on the fact that it understands all about Antique marble mantel.

antique marble fireplace mantel

The quality of Two story limestone for marble fireplace mantel offered by the company is top notch. Therefore, it will help you to create the kind of environment you wish to have in a home. They are designed based on quality craftsmanship. What’s more, the company embraces advanced architectural technologies to get the best mantels for your home. The mantels are also made of the finest materials in the market. This is to ensure that your Hand carved french limestone mantel last for long and maintain the best appeal in your home for many years to come.

The company also provides authentic Limestone mantel piece. Today, the market is flooded with counterfeit products. However, the company is well reputed and delivers products that meet and surpass market standards. You will get a variety of mantel styles including German, French, English and Greek designs. Therefore, you will always have a style that works best for your home depending on existing décor. More importantly, they are stylish, beautiful and durable mantels that offer a great look in your home. By making a purchase from the company, you will always feel confident because of quality mantel that enables you to make the most out of your investment. In addition, Marvelous Marble Design Inc. offers the best Limestone Mantel and over mantel in high ceiling grate room mantels at the most affordable prices in the market. Call 1-888-272-0630 and rest assured of mantels that will add an instant appeal to your home.

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Italian Marble Fireplace in Luxury Living Room

There are lots of ways in which you are able to custom the decor of your living room. Italian marble is one of the items that you are able to use in effectively creating a luxurious and comfortable feeling right inside your living room. The Italian marble can be used in various sections of the living room. Enhancing your living room with an Italian marble fireplace surround will not only make the fireplace look more attractive but also give it a touch of class. To be able to ensure that the look and creation of the fireplace surround does not conflict with other enhancements in the living room, it is better if it is used in other places too. In fact, in a variety of the items used in the living room like the TV stand. You can look for a marble mantel with TV on top be able to custom decor living room even further.

italian marble fireplace

The flooring of the living room is another area that is of very great importance when aiming at customizing the decor of your living room. In fact, the floor is much more visible than even the other sections and items used in improving the decor of the living room. Whenever your guests set foot into the living room, the floor is what they will see first and so it needs to be also enhanced with Italian marble to be able to enhance compliment in the decor. In order to achieve this, you can use Italian marble flooring in your living room. To enhance the luxury in the living room even further, you can begin doing the Italian marble flooring from the entrance to the living room to give your guests a warm welcome into the living room. Besides, it would be nice if you chose Italian marble in colors that are matching for uniformity in the decor of the living room.

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Louis XVI Marble Mantel Design

Antique 304 is a replica from the 18th century British Royal Family Castle.  This marble mantel design is made completely out of pure Old French Limestone which is key to the antique feel and look of this piece. The mantel is hand carved out of pure French limestone and is custom made to best fit your taste, style, and measurements. This frieze is very special because on the frieze you can have a family motto, special saying, or design carved into it as well as a border around your motto or saying.

marble mantel design

This marble mantel design uses a leaf rope to show beauty, nature, trust and wisdom. The leaves on the rope could also represent a member of your family with their name engraved on each leaf. The legs and corbels of this piece are very beautiful and eye catching. On the top part of the corbel continues the leaf design which shows that beauty and nature are spread throughout. Surrounding the firebox of your mantle is a bronze plated metal ornament for extra detail and protection of your mantel from the heat. For further information please call us at 1-888-272-0630 or visit our website at

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Bellair Luxury Limestone Fireplace Mantel

This luxurious limestone fireplace mantel surround is a great addition to any custom built home. This piece is custom designed and each component is hand carved by a master carver at our masonry. This beautiful piece of artwork is perfect for the living room, dining room, family room or a custom designed bedroom.

limestone fireplace mantel

The Bellair has a simple and elegant design which allows it to draw attention to itself, making it the focal point of your custom designed space. This simple piece is a beauty and is very meticulously hand carved. This limestone fireplace mantel can be custom designed to best fit your space and your taste. For further information please visit our website at www. or call us toll free at 1-888-272-0630.

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Teodur Gothic Limestone Fireplace Mantel

gothic limestone fireplace mantel

This beautiful Gothic limestone fireplace mantel will look great in any custom built mansion in NY with natural French limestone imported from France. With magnificent hand carved designs and a wonderful over mantel, this piece will be the centerpiece of any family room, dining room or living room. The raised hearth will create a step design or a bench, where one can sit on next to a hot fire during the cold winter nights. A tile design over mantel adds extra beauty and allows one to have a crown molding made out of the same stone mix in with your custom built fireplace mantel. This piece can be custom made to best fit any room size in your custom built mansion.  For more information regarding this piece, please call us toll free at 1-888-272-0630 or for more products please visit us at

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Marble fireplace mantel

Are you looking for best source for decorat your fireplace with hand crafted marble fireplace mantel. ther is just one click away from you.

Having nice white marble fireplace surround with black granite or marble as trim can change the look of your living room.

The nice sony LCD tv on the top of your wood burning fireplace mantel in your famil;y room it wil be the best place to spend the night with family.

marble fireplace mantel

French Design Fireplace Mantel

French Design Fireplace Mantel

20″ deep raised hearth can protect your hard wood or your carper from fire. by building code in north america you need to have stone or marble hearth infornt of your wood burning fireplace even as a design concept you need to make the fireplace mantel balance with nice one pice 1″ thick marble hearth.

Do you need to talk to limestone and marble fireplace expert please just call:


or easily check the following link:

Marvelous Marble Design Inc.

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Marble Fireplace Mantel Surround With LCD TV On Top

Family room should be warm with nice marble crafted marble fireplace mantel surround. Watching the supper ball on 52” LCD TV with surround system on top of the heat and Glo 48” fireplace in cold winter which is decorated with hand carved limestone fireplace mantel all the way to 16ft ceiling is everyone dream.

You can find Marble French Louis fireplace mantel in any luxury estate house living room in south California.

marble fireplace mantel surround

Black marble fireplace mantel on lovely piano room with some unique black and gold marble border with 8ft round marble medallion in center will bring the royal look to your piano room.

Covering the over mantle with same marble as fireplace is and having a mirror on the top of the mantel is old style which you can find in French chateau.

Please review the marvelous marble design fine gallery for more information or call us at 1-888-272-0630

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Marble Fireplace Surround

Having a marble fireplace mantle can change your family room decore completly.

you can use the marble fireplace surround with any kind of fireplace gas fireplace , wood burn fireplace , or even electric fireplace.

marble fireplace surround

limestone fireplace mantel with return

marvelous marble design with a  largest collection of marble mantles in north America, can be the first choose for designer and architecte to check and find a right design for marble or limestone fireplce mantle.

we can make any kind of custom design marble mantel. we are carving your design through deifferent marble same as cream marfill, beanco carrera, limestone travertine,indiana limestone and lots more.

please call for us at 1-888-272-0630 for any further information.

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Marvelous Marble Design Inc.

We are a specialist company in carving natural stone fireplace surround in North America. We have done more than 200 project in past 5 years.

Marvelous marble design Inc is the best place for finding natural stone fireplace mantel for your room décor.


Limestone Gothic design Fireplace Mantel

please review the following link.

or contact us at 1-888-272-0630

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