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Marble Fireplace Mantel Surround With LCD TV On Top

Family room should be warm with nice marble crafted marble fireplace mantel surround. Watching the supper ball on 52” LCD TV with surround system on top of the heat and Glo 48” fireplace in cold winter which is decorated with hand carved limestone fireplace mantel all the way to 16ft ceiling is everyone dream.

You can find Marble French Louis fireplace mantel in any luxury estate house living room in south California.

marble fireplace mantel surround

Black marble fireplace mantel on lovely piano room with some unique black and gold marble border with 8ft round marble medallion in center will bring the royal look to your piano room.

Covering the over mantle with same marble as fireplace is and having a mirror on the top of the mantel is old style which you can find in French chateau.

Please review the marvelous marble design fine gallery for more information or call us at 1-888-272-0630

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