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Louis XVI Marble Mantel Design

Antique 304 is a replica from the 18th century British Royal Family Castle.  This marble mantel design is made completely out of pure Old French Limestone which is key to the antique feel and look of this piece. The mantel is hand carved out of pure French limestone and is custom made to best fit your taste, style, and measurements. This frieze is very special because on the frieze you can have a family motto, special saying, or design carved into it as well as a border around your motto or saying.

marble mantel design

This marble mantel design uses a leaf rope to show beauty, nature, trust and wisdom. The leaves on the rope could also represent a member of your family with their name engraved on each leaf. The legs and corbels of this piece are very beautiful and eye catching. On the top part of the corbel continues the leaf design which shows that beauty and nature are spread throughout. Surrounding the firebox of your mantle is a bronze plated metal ornament for extra detail and protection of your mantel from the heat. For further information please call us at 1-888-272-0630 or visit our website at

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